Saturday, October 19, 2019

Day 3 - Photos galore, Ted A. interview, shows, up close with Armored Saint and Metal Church

Tuesday was huge.

I had re-centered myself and the movement of the boat was not bad at all.

I had taken a little walk to get outside a bit and see the ship again. This may have been the breakfast when I met DD and Dave from Overkill in the cafe. They seemed to be in a big discussion about something that was possibly irking Dave. But I stopped and waved. Dave looked a little pissed but I politely introduced myself and told them I loved the show. I then reminded DD of our interview via Mighty Music re his solo album last year and it seemed to have jogged his memory.

I then went on my way.

We went downstairs and I encountered Woody Weatherman of COC. Took a shot w him and he signed Deliverance and Wiseblood for me. We talked about the past tours I’d seen with them and clutch and black label society. He had a big Lebowski vibe. Really cool dude. I had also reminded him I met him briefly at Doro.

I think that morning I met mike Howe getting coffee and he was nice and signed Damned.

Next was the Charlie Benante coffee session it was cool but sorry I think Jose Mangin is a cheeseball. The coffee was really good and one had alcohol it tasted a bit like bourbon.

At around 1015 we were off to the side of the coffee session and caught up with Logan and CAp. So we hung out for a bit as we waited around I was going to meet Ted nearby at Bliss.

I had my bag and mic and my Armored Saint shirt bc the photoshoot was later on. So we’re hanging out a bit and Joey Vera goes to get coffee at the Starbucks stand. He was wearing a fishbone shirt. I let out a gasp. I played it up a bit. I ran to the bathroom, changed shirts and came out. I got his attention and with the shirt and asked if I could talk. He seemed cool with it.

So I told him I was here for Armored Saint and that for me, this was the AS cruise. I also told him I work out to their albums all the time and that “Win Hands Down” album and song was important to me bc the song is my “Gonna Fly Now,” particularly bc it came out while I was on my way to getting fired for the first time. But it pushed me through and continues to.

Looks like I'm pitching some ridiculous opportunity.

“So, do we have a deal? Can we agree that I’m in the band, now?”

And that I got to be there for its live debut at BB Kings in 2015.

He was tired and I was keeping him from his coffee but he seemed genuinely appreciative. He said he loves hearing how the songs influence fans.

He signed some albums for me in pen. Then I let him go and told him I’d see him at the shoot later on. Liz took great shots.

Shortly after I saw Ted go by and we quickly introduced each other. We decided to go outside for the interview. That happened to be a great move. It was breezy but sunny and nice.

Ted was a great interviewee. And his was the first in-person one for MIM. So it was memorable for several reasons. The interview will be live soon enough.

Thankfully afterwards, the Metal Church Q&A was still going on so I hung back with Liz and took it in. I was able to get the boys to sign my Damned cover. Got great photos with each member.

I then caught a bit of Overkill on Eddie Trunk’s show that was cool. Got a pic w blitz and he signed albums for me.

Amazingly, I got a photo where he doesn't give the camera the finger.

Then Liz and I caught the first 20-30 of Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons. They were a fun show. What’s cool about them is they can do their album, Phil’s new album and Motörhead.

We sat up top. I knew Liz had a limited span for it and they actually played “These old boots” and “overkill” and even “born to raise hell.”!!!! After that I dropped off my bag and we got lunch.

Later was the overkill Q&a in the bliss lounge which was cool and I got to ask a question about what song evolved most and even though I couldn’t get it out blitz knew what I meant and he made chicken salad of it. It even got a callback later so I guess I’m not so fucking dumb.

I got my pix and autographs from each of the other members and reintroduced myself to DD and Dave they were cooler this time, esp Dave.

I asked the guys to sign my stuff while acknowledging they didn’t play on certain ones but they were happy to oblige. I think Derek and I talked about how some people esp in Europe don’t want them to sign the albums they didn’t play on.

Jason Bittner was the standout though. He was soooooooo cool. First off, no middle finger. Second he remembered that I was from New York. I asked him also about if he works out to his own stuff. And he said a little bit but it becomes like homework so not a ton. And we just talked for a bit and he was the nicest dude.

I saw Thomas there, too. I think by then Dylan had won the competition and won a guitar.

Next I went to lunch and saw Jeff Duncan. I reintroduced myself (possibly beforehand) and he gave me a guitar pick which was cool. I told him I’d see him shortly.

Next was the photo shoot. I remember waiting in line going out the other side of Spinnaker. The people I was in line with were fans and one guy had his printed photos he took of the band in the 1980s. I slyly cut him as he conversed with other people only bc I did not want him stealing my thunder or intruding on my time.

We began to approach. I’m still wearing my band shirt.

We get up there and I’m even more amped than when I met Metal Church. At this point I’d met 3/5 of the band for real. (I had met the Sandoval brothers in the elevator the day before, so that only sort of counted.)

I was so amped up I kind of ran over to them and caught them off guard with my positive intensity. I hugged John and told them they were my favorite. Joey certainly recognized me from the morning. I think Jeff did too but he wore glasses. So we get ready to pose and John says “let’s give a little more energy for this guy,” which made my day. They took the photo and I did high fives and handshakes and took off for COC. That line moved quickly. I got up to them. Woody remembered me. I had almost the same level of energy and the guys liked it and then I pointed outward and said to Pepper “and right there’s the door.” And it got an “Ooohhhh🤟🏼”.

I made my way toward the door and security thought I wanted to cut the line and I said I wanted out and they were happy to oblige.

Next was Dragonforce at the stardust. I definitely missed at least the first song. But they were a lot of fun, live. I think the lyrics are corny (Video games? You f@cking nerds.) and the singer brought out a guitar to do an instrumental medley of game theme songs. “Cry Thunder “ rocked hard. Then they did a cover of “my heart will go on” which was appropriate and hysterical. Their finale was apparently a song on guitar hero that drives players batty.

The guitarists came out into the audience for it.

Herman Li licks his fretboard. That was a lot of fun.

The Queensryche Q&A was next I stayed did a bit and though I wanted an autograph I didn’t care enough to go back and get my one cover.

Liz and I made our way to the cafe for dinner I snapped some shots of the Megadeth QA and that was cool but it was on the pool deck and I didn’t care that much. I caught the short bit about the peace sells riff but I’d heard it before and about how Dave M. has the direction.

So we go to the cafe and we decide to go to the outdoor section toward the back buffet. I saw Joey going the other way and he made eye contact and waved and smiled.

Then I saw the king.

I pulled myself together. I told liz she had to take my picture. I went over to John again and reintroduced myself. He remembered me from the photo shoot a few hours prior. And the botched attempt from day before. I told him I was sorry I made a bad first impression at the Starbucks and hoped I could get another take and talk to him for a bit. He was great and said yes and I told him what it meant to meet him and all and the fatherhood parts.

He was extremely gracious and we have a great picture that I will forever treasure.

After that we sat and ate and liz found a woman song needlepoint and they bonded.

We then talked about music and she started to get annoyed.

Later on Queensryche was at the pool.

I could only stay for a bit bc it was my turn to see Anthrax and I reckoned I needed to allow 29 minutes wait time. I got in and got to the 5th or 7th row.

I sat/stood next to a cool dude named Rory, who was from Singapore. We wound up running into each other a few more times later on in the week.